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5+ Best Chess Websites (List)

Chess has a vibrant life online where players from beginners to grandmasters can find a space to learn, play, and connect.

Let’s look into some of the best websites that cater to various chess enthusiasts’ needs, offering a rich blend of resources, playing platforms, and interactive learning tools. A Comprehensive Platform for All Players

Engaging Learning and Practice Tools stands out for its extensive array of learning resources, including interactive lessons, puzzles, and videos that cater to all skill levels.

The website’s adaptive learning path, which tailors itself to your skill level and learning pace, provides a personalized journey through the world of chess.

A Global Playing Field

With millions of users from around the globe, offers a vast playing field for members.

Players can engage in games with opponents at their level, participate in tournaments, and even enjoy variants like Bughouse to keep the experience fresh and challenging. An Open-Source Haven for Chess Enthusiasts

Embracing the Open-Source Spirit, a free, open-source platform, is celebrated for its clean, ad-free interface and a robust set of features that promote an immersive chess experience.

The website’s commitment to being free and open to all is evident in its extensive database of games, analysis tools, and learning resources available without a paywall.

Vibrant Community and Tournaments

Lichess hosts a spirited community where players can participate in forums, join teams, and engage in various tournaments, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competitive spirit among its users. Dive into In-depth Analysis and Commentary

Expert Analysis and Live Commentary shines when it comes to providing in-depth analysis and live commentary on major chess events worldwide.

With a team of renowned grandmasters and chess experts, the website offers insightful commentary, interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at high-profile tournaments.

Interactive Play and Learning

The platform also provides a space for players to engage in battles across the board, while its learning resources, including video series and lessons, help users to deepen their understanding and sharpen their strategies.

Internet Chess Club (ICC): Where Professionals Converge

A Hub for Serious Players

The Internet Chess Club (ICC) has long been recognized as a gathering place for serious chess players, including professionals and avid amateurs.

With a focus on providing a competitive environment, ICC hosts numerous tournaments, including blitz and bullet games, that cater to those seeking a rigorous chess experience.

Learning from the Masters

ICC also provides access to lessons from chess masters, offering users a chance to learn from some of the best minds in the game.

The platform’s library of videos, lectures, and tutorials provides a rich resource for those looking to elevate their play.

PPQTY: Chess Strategy & Encyclopedic Coverage of the Game encompasses strategy, tactics, principles, and openings, makes it an invaluable resource for players of all levels.

The site’s coverage goes deep into every facet of chess, ensuring that users have access to a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.

Whether you’re a novice seeking foundational principles or an advanced player aiming to refine your tactics, is a content hub for all things chess on the internet.

Q&A – Best Chess Websites

What are the top-rated chess websites for beginners?

Several chess websites cater to beginners, but some of the most recommended ones include:

  • Offers interactive lessons, puzzles, and a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners.
  • A free platform with beginner-friendly tutorials and a vast community of players.
  • Designed for kids and beginners, it provides a fun and educational environment.

Which chess websites offer free online play against real opponents?

  • Completely free and open-source, allowing players to play without any subscription.
  • Offers free accounts with the option to play against real opponents, though some features might be limited.
  • Provides free games against real players, with premium features available for subscribers.

Are there any chess websites that provide comprehensive tutorials and lessons?

  • Has a wide range of lessons ranging from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Offers free tutorials and interactive lessons.
  • Features a vast collection of video lessons from various chess masters.

Which websites host online chess tournaments with cash prizes?

  • Regularly hosts online tournaments with cash prizes, especially for premium members.
  • Occasionally hosts tournaments with prizes, often sponsored by patrons or specific communities.
  • Known for hosting high-profile online tournaments with grandmasters and cash prizes.

How do the ranking systems on different chess websites compare?

Most chess websites use the Elo rating system or its variants. For instance:

  • and both use their versions of the Elo system, with slight differences in point calculations based on game outcomes.
  • FIDE, the International Chess Federation, has its official rating system, which some websites might reference.
  • The rating on one website might not directly translate to another due to different player pools and calculation methods.

Are there any chess websites specifically designed for kids?

  • A subsidiary of, it’s tailored for kids with a safe environment, interactive lessons, and fun animations.
  • Offers a child-friendly interface with lessons and exercises suitable for young learners.

Which chess websites offer the best analysis tools and game databases?

  • Provides a powerful analysis tool with Stockfish, a leading chess engine, and has a vast game database.
  • ChessBase: Renowned for its extensive game database and analysis tools, often used by professionals.
  • Features game analysis tools, databases, and insights for premium members.

How do premium memberships on popular chess websites differ?

Premium memberships usually offer:

  • Ad-free experience.
  • Access to advanced lessons and tutorials.
  • More in-depth game analysis.
  • Participation in premium tournaments.
  • Additional customization and themes.
  • and, for instance, have tiered memberships offering varying levels of access based on the subscription level.

Are there chess websites that allow you to play against computer opponents with adjustable difficulty levels?

  • Allows users to play against computer opponents with adjustable difficulty, from beginner to grandmaster levels.
  • Offers a computer opponent feature with customizable difficulty settings.

Which chess websites have the best mobile apps for on-the-go play?

  • Has a highly-rated mobile app available for both Android and iOS, offering most of the website’s features.
  • Offers a free mobile app with a full range of features, including online play, lessons, and puzzles.

How do I find local chess clubs or events through online websites?

  • Under the “Clubs” section, users can search for local clubs or groups based on their location.
  • FIDE: The official website of the International Chess Federation has a directory of affiliated national chess federations and clubs.
  • While primarily an online platform, users often create groups representing local clubs or communities where they share local events and meetups.

Are there any websites that focus on historical chess games and famous players?

  • ChessBase: Known for its extensive database, it includes historical games and famous matches from the past.
  • A comprehensive online chess game database where users can explore games played by historical and contemporary grandmasters.
  • Features articles, lessons, and games focusing on historical matches and famous players.

Which chess websites offer forums or communities for discussing strategies and game analysis?

  • Has an active forum where users discuss various topics, including game analysis, strategies, and general chess news.
  • Features a forum and a community section where players can discuss games, openings, and other chess-related topics.
  • ChessStackExchange: A Q&A platform dedicated to chess, where users can ask questions and discuss strategies.

How do chess websites handle cheating and ensure fair play?

  • and Both platforms use sophisticated algorithms and chess engines to detect anomalies in players’ games. If a player is suspected of cheating, they might receive a warning, have their account restricted, or even banned.
  • FIDE: For official online tournaments, strict measures, including video monitoring, screen sharing, and using anti-cheating software, are implemented.
  • Most reputable websites have a dedicated team to handle fair play concerns and investigate reports of cheating.

Are there any chess websites that offer courses or lessons from grandmasters?

  • Offers lessons and courses from renowned players, including grandmasters, especially for premium members.
  • The Internet Chess Club (ICC): Known for its live broadcasts and lessons from grandmasters and other top players.


Selecting the right chess website often boils down to identifying what you seek in your online chess journey.

Whether it’s the comprehensive learning and playing platform of, the open-source spirit of, the in-depth analysis of, or the professional environment of the ICC, or the in-depth articles here at each website offers a unique set of features and communities that cater to different needs and preferences.

Explore, engage, and let the online chess world elevate your game to the next level.

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