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Why Magnus Carlsen Stopped Playing the World Championship

Magnus Carlsen, considered one of the greatest (if not the greatest) chess players in history, has garnered attention not just for his exceptional skill but also for his decisions off the chessboard.

One of the most surprising and talked-about decisions in his career is his move to stop playing in the World Championship, which he won all 5 times he played in it (2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2021).

Let’s dive into the reasons that prompted this unexpected change.

A Shifted Goal: The 2900 ELO Dream

In April 2023, during his interview on the podcast Sjakksnakk in Norwegian, Carlsen made a revelation.

He stated that he had “pretty much given up” on the 2900 ELO target.

This target, which many viewed as the next pinnacle of chess achievement, now seemed too difficult for even the world’s top player.

And as Carlsen himself admitted, this goal probably always was a bit unrealistic.

Dissatisfaction with the Current Championship Format

The format of the World Chess Championship has been a subject of Carlsen’s criticism.

He believes the current setup doesn’t encourage exciting, risky play.

With the championship being decided over a relatively small number of games, the format inherently discourages risk-taking.

Players, including Carlsen, have felt the pressure to delve deep into preparation, often resulting in predictable, solid lines of play (e.g., Ruy Lopez, Petrov).

This approach might increase the chances of winning but often leads to less thrilling matches.

Proposed Changes: A Vision for a More Dynamic World Championship

Carlsen isn’t just a critic; he has a certain vision for how the World Champship should look for him to continue playing.

He has suggested changes that he believes could change the World Championship format, making it more dynamic, entertaining, and reflective of a player’s true skill.

Among these changes, the most significant is the introduction of shorter time controls.

Specifically, Carlsen suggests a time control of 1 hour per player per game (45 minutes initially with an additional 15 minutes at move 40), supplemented with increments.

This, he believes, would reduce the intense focus on pre-match preparation and lead to more lively games.

Moreover, Carlsen has also endorsed the idea of double rounds.

In this setup, mini-matches would be played, with each player getting a turn at both the white and black pieces on the same day.

This format echoes the Champions Chess Tour, albeit at a slower pace. The rationale?

More games would be played, providing a better sense of who the superior player truly is.

The 12- or 14-game format introduces variance due to the small sample size. In turn, it reduces the likelihood of finding the best player.

Additionally, this format (more games, shorter time controls) would likely be more engaging for general audiences, potentially expanding the fanbase of professional chess.

Has FIDE Considered Magnus Carlsen’s Proposed Changes?

Based on the International Chess Federation (FIDE) website, there is no direct mention or response to Magnus Carlsen’s proposed changes to the World Championship format.

He did have a meeting with them prior to the 2023 World Chess Championship, but his proposals were not integrated.

Magnus Carlsen Announces he will NOT Defend his World Championship Title (Full Response)

FAQs – Why Magnus Carlsen Stopped Defending the World Championship

Did Magnus Carlsen officially announce his decision to stop playing the World Championship?

Yes, Magnus Carlsen mentioned in an interview that he would not play in the World Championship in 2023 or in the future, especially with the current format.

What was Carlsen’s view on the 2900 ELO target?

Magnus Carlsen expressed that he has essentially given up on the 2900 ELO target.

He believes that achieving this target is too difficult at the moment and probably was always an unrealistic goal.

What issues did Carlsen have with the current format of the World Championship?

Carlsen’s main concern with the current format is the relatively small sample size, meaning the limited number of games played.

This format discourages players from taking risks or bringing more creativity into the game.

As a result, players tend to prepare extensively in solid, less exciting lines to stand a chance in the championship.

Why doesn’t Carlsen enjoy playing in the current World Championship format?

Magnus Carlsen feels that the current format doesn’t encourage the willingness to take risks due to its limited number of games.

Players have to focus on preparing in boring, solid lines, which takes away the excitement and unpredictability of the game.

Has Carlsen suggested any changes to the World Championship format?

Yes, Magnus Carlsen has proposed several changes to the format.

The primary suggestion is to have shorter time controls, specifically 1 hour per player per game (45 minutes initially with an additional 15 minutes after the 40th move), along with an increment.

He also recommended playing double rounds, which would involve mini-matches where each player gets to play one white and one black game per day.

How does Carlsen believe his proposed changes will impact the World Championship?

Carlsen believes that his proposed changes will:

  • Reduce the emphasis on extensive preparation.
  • Make the games more enjoyable and spontaneous.
  • Provide a clearer understanding of who the better player is, as more games will be played.
  • Make the matches more entertaining and engaging for a general audience.

Are Carlsen’s proposed changes similar to any existing chess formats?

Yes, Carlsen’s idea of playing double rounds with one white and one black game per day is reminiscent of the Champions Chess Tour format, albeit at a slower pace.


Magnus Carlsen’s decision to step away from the World Chess Championship is emblematic of his broader philosophy about the game.

He seeks not just personal achievement but also the evolution and enrichment of the game itself.

Whether or not the chess world adopts Carlsen’s suggestions remains to be seen.

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