19+ Best Chess Apps: Your Ultimate Guide to Digital Chess

Playing chess isn’t only about the strategy and logic in the game, it’s about the entire experience.

With technology’s help, chess enthusiasts and beginners alike have access to various applications that make the game more accessible and enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking for a platform to learn, compete, or play casually with friends, you’ll find the perfect chess app for you.

Let’s explore some of the best chess apps in various categories.

Summary – Chess Apps

Here’s a list of popular chess apps:

  1. Chess.com
  2. lichess.org
  3. Chess Titans (Windows built-in app)
  4. Chess Free (Android)
  5. Shredder Chess (iOS/Android)
  6. Chess Tactics Pro (iOS/Android)
  7. Fritz Chess (iOS/Android)
  8. Chess Master 3D (iOS/Android)
  9. DroidFish Chess (Android)
  10. ChessBase Online (iOS/Android)
  11. ChessKid (iOS/Android)
  12. Chess960 (iOS/Android)
  13. Chess Tactics for Beginners (iOS/Android)
  14. Play Magnus (iOS/Android)
  15. Magnus Trainer (iOS/Android)
  16. Analyze This (iOS/Android)
  17. Stockfish Chess (iOS/Android)
  18. Komodo Chess (iOS/Android)
  19. Houdini Chess (iOS/Android)
  20. CT-ART. Chess Mate Theory (iOS/Android)

Chess Apps for Beginners

Learning chess can be an overwhelming task, but some apps make the journey much easier.

For those starting their chess journey, the “Chess.com App” and “Chess Game App for Beginners” are great options.

The Chess.com App offers a structured learning path for beginners with comprehensive lessons, puzzles, and practice games. It is available on various platforms, and you can easily download the Chess.com app for PC, Android, or iOS. Although some users occasionally experience issues with the Chess.com app not loading or not working, the support team is usually responsive in resolving such concerns.

The Chess Game App for Beginners is another great app for those starting their journey. It provides simple, intuitive, and interactive tutorials on the fundamentals of chess, from the basic ‘where chess pieces can move’ to more complex strategies.

Online Chess Apps: Play with Friends and Competitors Worldwide

Thanks to online chess apps, geography is no longer a barrier to enjoying a good chess game with friends or competitive players worldwide.

Apps like Chess.com, “Chess Universe App,” and “Chess Royale App” are highly rated for their user-friendly interface and the ability to connect with players globally.

Chess Apps for Kids: Making Chess Fun for the Younger Generation

Chess can be an excellent game for children to improve their logical thinking and strategic planning skills.

However, traditional chess might seem a bit complex or dull to them.

Apps like the “Kid Chess App” and “Chess Games Apps” are designed to make the learning process fun and interactive, with colorful animations and engaging gameplay.

Best Free Chess Apps

For those on a budget, there are numerous free chess apps that do not compromise on quality.

The “Chess.com App,” “Live Chess App,” and “Chess24 App” offer both free and premium versions.

Free users still get access to a vast range of features, including tutorials, puzzles, and online play.

For Android users, you can find free chess apps for Android such as Chess Free, which has excellent reviews.

Top Chess Apps for Advanced Players

Experienced players need more than just basic features.

They need advanced tools to analyze games, practice strategies, and compete with top-rated players.

Apps like “Chess.com App” and “Chess24 App” offer advanced features including in-depth analysis of your games, access to extensive opening libraries, and the ability to compete in official online tournaments.

Best Chess Learning Apps

To improve your skills, “Chess Helper App” and “Chess Learning App Free” provide you with resources and tools necessary to learn and grow in your chess game.

They offer lessons and tutorials on various topics, including common openings, endgame strategies, and tactical puzzles.

Chess Multiplayer Apps

Playing chess with friends is always fun. If you want a chess app to play with friends, check out “Chess Multiplayer App” and “Chess.com App.”

They provide a seamless experience to connect and play with your friends.

Chess Apps for Various Devices

Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, or prefer playing on a larger screen like your PC or Kindle Fire, there are chess apps available for you.

The Chess.com app is highly versatile, with versions for Android, iPhone, Windows PC, and even for Kindle Fire.

FAQs – Best Chess Apps

1. What are some of the best chess apps available?

There are several high-quality chess apps available for both Android and iOS.

Some of the top ones include Chess.com, Lichess, Chess24, Chess Royale, and the Chess Universe app.

These apps offer a variety of features, from playing against AI or real opponents to tutorials and puzzles for learning and improving your game.

2. Are there any free chess apps?

Yes, many chess apps offer free access to their basic features.

Chess.com, Lichess, and Chess24 all have free versions available, although they also offer premium features for a subscription fee.

Chess Royale and Chess Universe are also free to download and play.

3. Can I play with friends using chess apps?

Absolutely, most chess apps, including Chess.com, Lichess, and Chess24, allow you to invite friends for a game.

You can either play live games or correspondences games where you take turns over a longer period.

4. Which chess apps are best for learning?

If you’re new to chess or looking to improve, Chess.com and Lichess both offer extensive tutorial sections, puzzles, and opportunities to analyze your games.

Additionally, Chess Universe has an engaging, game-like tutorial that can be appealing for beginners, especially kids.

5. What is “0-0” and “0-0-0” in chess?

0-0″ and “0-0-0” refer to the special chess moves of kingside castling and queenside castling respectively.

They allow you to move your king into safety and connect your rooks.

6. Can I play chess online through these apps?

Yes, all the mentioned apps – Chess.com, Lichess, Chess24, Chess Royale, and Chess Universe – provide online play.

You can compete with players around the world and also participate in tournaments.

7. What to do if my Chess.com app is not working or loading?

If your Chess.com app is not loading, try restarting the app or your device. If that doesn’t work, you may need to reinstall the app.

If the problem persists, you can contact Chess.com’s customer service.

8. Where did chess originate?

Chess is believed to have originated in northern India in the 6th century and was called ‘chaturanga’.

It evolved over centuries and took on the modern form we know today around the 15th century.

9. Can Android and iPhone users play together on the same chess app?

Yes, most chess apps, including Chess.com, Lichess, and Chess24, are cross-platform, meaning Android and iPhone users can play against each other.

10. Which are the top chess apps for beginners?

Chess.com and Lichess are widely recognized as the best chess apps for beginners, offering comprehensive tutorials, adaptive AI opponents, and plenty of study materials.

The Chess Universe app is also a great choice for beginners, particularly for children.

11. Can I download the Chess.com app on my PC?

Yes, you can download the Chess.com app on your Windows or Mac computer.

It’s available in the Microsoft Store for Windows and the Mac App Store for macOS.

12. What is the best free chess app for the iPhone?

Chess.com is one of the best free chess apps for iPhone. It offers a multitude of features like tutorials, puzzles, AI matches, online play, and more.

13. Where can I find a chess helper app?

Chess.com and Lichess offer analysis tools that can function as a chess helper app, allowing you to review your games, understand mistakes, and learn from them.

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