Los Alamos Chess (Chess Variant)

Los Alamos Chess is a fascinating variant of the traditional game of chess.

While the rules are similar to conventional chess, there are some significant differences that make Los Alamos Chess a unique and challenging experience.

Here we explore the characteristics of Los Alamos Chess, focusing on its distinctive 6×6 board and the absence of bishops and queens.

The 6×6 Board

One of the notable features of Los Alamos Chess is the smaller board size.

Unlike the standard 8×8 chessboard, Los Alamos Chess is played on a compact 6×6 board.

This alteration creates a dynamic and fast-paced game, as the reduced space leads to quicker confrontations between the pieces.

The smaller board size requires players to adapt their strategies and tactics, emphasizing agility and flexibility.

The Missing Bishops

In Los Alamos Chess, the bishops, which are key pieces in traditional chess, are absent.

The omission of bishops alters the game’s dynamics significantly.

Without the bishops, players must devise new strategies and explore alternative avenues of attack and defense.

This absence challenges players to think creatively and develop innovative approaches to win the game.

The Absence of Queens

Another departure from traditional chess is the lack of queens in Los Alamos Chess.

In regular chess, the queen is the most powerful piece, capable of moving in any direction across the board.

However, in Los Alamos Chess, the queen’s role is replaced by other pieces.

This change forces players to rely on different combinations of their remaining pieces, fostering a more balanced and strategic approach to the game.

Tactical Adjustments

The modifications in Los Alamos Chess require players to make tactical adjustments.

With a smaller board and the absence of bishops and queens, players must reassess their opening strategies, piece development, and endgame techniques.

The reduced space amplifies the importance of each move, making every decision crucial.

Adaptability and flexibility become critical traits for success in Los Alamos Chess.

How to play Los Alamos Chess

Enhanced Focus on Other Pieces

The exclusion of bishops and queens in Los Alamos Chess elevates the significance of other pieces on the board.

Pawns, knights, and rooks become more central to the game, assuming roles and responsibilities traditionally fulfilled by the absent pieces.

Players must master the strengths and weaknesses of these remaining pieces to forge effective strategies and execute successful attacks.


Los Alamos Chess offers a captivating twist on the classic game of chess.

Its unique 6×6 board size and the absence of bishops and queens introduce novel challenges and strategic opportunities for players.

This variant demands adaptability, creativity, and careful planning to outmaneuver opponents and emerge victoriously.

If you are an avid chess player seeking a fresh and exciting experience, Los Alamos Chess is definitely worth exploring.

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