Introduction to Circular Chess (Chess Variant)

Circular Chess is an intriguing alternative to the traditional board game that we know and love.

This version stands out due to its unique playing field—a circular board—and it requires new strategies and understanding for mastery.

Origins of Circular Chess

The game of Circular Chess originated in the medieval period. It was primarily played in England and some regions of Europe.

Despite its historical roots, the game has seen a resurgence in modern times, driven by enthusiasts looking to challenge traditional chess principles.

The Circular Chess Board

The Circular Chess board is notably distinct from a conventional chessboard.

As the name suggests, the playing surface is circular, consisting of four concentric rings.

Each of these rings is further divided into sixteen squares, making for a total of 64 squares—just like a standard chess board.

Arrangement of Pieces

In Circular Chess, the arrangement of pieces is similar to conventional chess.

Each player has a King, Queen, two Bishops, two Knights, two Rooks, and eight Pawns. The pieces are arranged around the board’s outermost and innermost rings.

Rules and Gameplay

The rules of Circular Chess are mostly identical to those of standard chess, with a few key differences due to the board’s circular shape.

For instance, a piece moving in a straight line will eventually come back to its original position, creating a unique cyclic movement pattern.

How to play Circular Chess


Strategies in Circular Chess

Strategies in Circular Chess differ significantly from those in standard chess due to the board’s layout.

The circular board means that the center is highly protected, making it a powerful place for the King to occupy.

On the other hand, attacks can come from any direction, necessitating a more defensive playstyle.

Benefits of Playing Circular Chess

Playing Circular Chess can be beneficial for developing new cognitive abilities and skills.

The game encourages strategic thinking and adaptability due to the constant shift in the board’s dynamics.

It is a fantastic tool for chess players looking to break free from traditional chess constraints and explore new strategic frontiers.

Current Status and Popularity

Today, Circular Chess enjoys a dedicated, albeit niche, following.

There are regular tournaments held by enthusiasts around the world, and it has even found its place in digital gaming platforms.

Its unique gameplay mechanics make it a refreshing variant for chess lovers.


Circular Chess, with its unique circular board and refreshing game mechanics, offers an exciting alternative to conventional chess.

Its blend of historical origins and modern gameplay adaptations adds a unique depth to the game.

For those looking to challenge their chess skills and explore new strategic dimensions, Circular Chess can be a rewarding journey.

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