Best Online Chess Tournaments – Top 3

Chess fans are always looking for exciting competitions with other amateurs and professionals. Nowadays there are a huge variety of online events. Now there is a unique opportunity to choose a competition right at home.

Also, in the Bitcoin casino you can follow the broadcasts of such tournaments in real time. This approach makes the game even more exciting for participants and spectators. Choosing the right tournament is an important task that will allow you to improve your skills and achieve better results in the process.

USCF rankings and tournaments

The United States Chess Federation is the primary governing body for chess in the United States. This organization works to popularize the game among the masses. Players can play chess regardless of their experience and current level. The main goal is to help everyone improve their skills.

There are several different types of tournaments for chess players. USCF tournaments are available only for qualified players. Such ratings are compiled based on the events held. They show the level of professionalism of the player. This ratings determine eligibility for prizes and awards. 

To take part in the USCF tournament, you need to have a certain level of training and place in the ranking.

Rules for choosing an online tournament

You should consider the holding system if you want to play chess online. Swiss tournaments are considered the most popular. Players are paired up to play games based on their current position in the rankings.

Players team up with opponents of similar strength. After each round, the player receives certain points depending on the results. Those who score the most points move on to the next stage.

Swiss tournaments are a fair and efficient way to determine the winner. They give all players the opportunity to play against a wide variety of opponents. Such competitions are quite long. This situation is especially observed when there are a large number of participants.

Round-robin tournaments are very popular. Each player plays against the other. Players are divided into small groups. Several games are played in the group in one stage. This allows you to choose the best one based on the highest number of points. The winner from each group advances to the playoffs, after which the champion is determined.

Round-robin tournaments are very fair and give all players an equal chance to win. They provide players with the opportunity to play against a wide variety of opponents. In this case, you should pay attention to the duration of such competitions. It is difficult to predict the end result here.

There are also knockout tournaments. The bottom line is that after a defeat the team is eliminated. First, all players pair up to play. The weakest leaves the competition. The tournament continues until there is only one winner left. Such competitions are very bright, dynamic and attractive. Viewers like them for their entertainment. Players can play against the strongest opponents.

Online tournaments use a variety of time control systems and methods. Here are more effective tools for monitoring the integrity of the gameplay. Tournaments are an important part for any chess fan who wants to improve their level.

The best online chess tournaments

True chess fans always want to compete with other professionals. This is why it is so important to choose a truly interesting and exciting tournament on the Internet. For example, the following are very popular among real fans:

  1. This competition will appeal to fans of real championships. This site is one of the largest online USCF tournaments. Various competitions according to the Swiss system are held here every day. Particularly exciting events are held on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Here everyone will find a worthy opponent or be able to support other players.
  2. Marshall Chess Club. This online chess club is ideal for more serious professional players. This is one of the most prestigious gaming clubs for true fans of this sport. Of course, the club often holds in-person events in New York, but in recent years many events have been presented online. For example, on Sundays there are tournaments for beginners. Players with a rating below 1200 USCF can participate here. Assessment is carried out according to the Swiss system. Special tournaments for beginners are regularly held. The official website contains a calendar of events. Here you can choose the appropriate game option to suit your preferences.
  3. International Academy of Chess. Such tournaments are popular among students. Major competitions with challenging tasks are held every month. Here you can try your hand and compete with other amateurs. Tournaments are constantly changing and being updated. To stay up to date, it is important to follow the current calendar now.

Of course, there are many classic offline competitions. In recent years they have not been so popular. Nowadays it is much easier and faster to find a worthy opponent online. You can compete with any players from all over the world, regardless of your current level of knowledge and skills. It is important to practice regularly and constantly improve your skills.

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