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Why Cause Marketing?

American Consumers :

• 91% believe companies should support a cause in the community. 

• 90% want companies to tell them how they support causes.

• 85% find a product or company more attractive if it supports a cause.

• 80% would switch to a similar brand if it supports a cause.

• 88% believe it's acceptable for companies to include a cause or issue in marketing.

77% of employees want companies providing cause-related opportunities.

*2010 Cone Study

Often nonprofit boards and staff focus the majority of efforts on soliciting cash. No organization can function effectively without liquidity. Obtaining money is still a driving force behind cause marketing for nonprofits.

However, concentrating solely on dollars will prevent your organization from accessing resources that can be nearly as critical to its sustainability.

In 2010, 8% of nonprofits were "in imminent danger of closing".* Business as usual needs to give way to critical and creative thinking.
What valuable resources could your NPO trade for wider public exposure, cost-cutting in-kind donations or skilled volunteers?

*2010 Guidestar Survey

Cause Marketing is essentially investing in the community, whether defined as surrounding neighborhoods, a particular demographic or the world at large.

Good businesses know that improving the lives of current and prospective customer bases increases sales opportunities. Sincere efforts to reach people where they live engenders product loyalty - key to the most cost-effective transactions - repeat sales.

Consumers' willingness to promote a brand that supports a good cause increased by 9% between 2008 and 2010, mirroring the rise in the global "citizen consumer."*

* 2010 GoodPurpose Report
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