1. Questionnaire is submitted.
  2. Follow-up meeting (in person, online or by phone) scheduled.
  3. For businesses, we search over 1.4 million US 501(c)3 organizations for your optimal nonprofit partner.
    For nonprofits
    , we tap into our ever-growing network of businesses ready to launch cause marketing campaigns. Should we lack a sensational match, we will drill the surrounding community until we find the right company for you.
  4. We contact and interview prospective partners to gauge compatability, interest level and resources.
  5. We provide you with our analysis of the partner or partners that share the greatest propinquity with your company or nonprofit.
  6. We schedule in-person meetings for you and prospective partners.
  7. You choose the nonprofit or business with whom you wish to collaborate.
What happens next?
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Registering your company or nonprofit with Propinquity is the fastest, easiest way to start the search for your ideal cause marketing partner. Once you fill out the appropriate questionnaire, you will move to the top of your category when potential matches sign up. We seek to create the best possible alliances, so many factors are considered. Learning more about you, and your interest in the process, will improve our ability to match you with your complement.

We will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your registration (usually much sooner.) A short follow up conversation, in person or by phone, will allow us to review expectations, discuss Propinquity's modus operandi, and further delve into your questionnaire responses.

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