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Why Propinquity?

I started Propinquity LLC because many small businesses and nonprofits are missing out on the benefits of well-researched, committed cause-marketing relationships. Large corporations have profited from the accolades, expanded market exposure and tax incentives of B to N alliances for years. Those nonprofits large enough to attract the attention of large companies have prospered from the money, borrowed intellectual capital and elevated profiles that comes from working with well-known for-profit partners.

With some modification, smaller companies and nonprofits can enjoy the same rewards. The key to successful collaborations is finding the right partner. Propinquity will find the best possible counterpart for each business and nonprofit to create a mutually beneficial relationship. This service is provided at absolutely no cost. Should your new alliance require additional support, fees for those services will be arranged with the for-profit partner.

I look forward to introducing you to one of the world's few "win-win" opportunities.       


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Richelle Fatheree
Propinquity LLC
1719 19th Street, NW
Washington DC 20009

(202) 525-9467

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